Floating cubes assembly

Assembly Standard Mooring Device [Art. 814]
Assembly Big Mooring Device [Art. 814b]
Assembly Small Mooring Device [Art. 814c]
Assembly Bar INOX or Galvanised [Art. 818/818b]
Assembly Corner Bar INOX [Art. 819]
Assembly Corner Bar Galvanised [Art. 819b]
Assemb. Lateral Bollard INOX or Galvanised [Art. 820/820b]
Assembly Ladder INOX [Art. 821]
Assembly Pile Cage or Galvanised Fender [Art. 849/850]


Otto Floating Cubes are built with one of the best polypropylene materials for injection / blow molding:

The TOTAL certified HDPE 56020S assures a molecular density of 0.954 gr / cm2 The MFI melting point determines the amount of molten material in the time unit with 190 ° heated nozzle and the weight of Kg 21.6.

To give an idea of molecular density, one must consider that 10min is needed. To inject 2 gr. Of that material. The standard melting point formula is MFI (190°, 21.6 KG = 2gr X 10 minutes).

All OTTO products are made of original material (no recycled material is used).
Our experience, matured over many years, ensures that the OTTO system will give you many benefits for your business.


Our closure cap has a thread that allows the passage of the air to allow the internal air to expand and to balance with the outside air before positioning.

Once the cube is positioned, the cap closure is secured by a seal.
The same hole is used for inserting water to function at the buoyancy level you want.



The concave background of Otto elements guarantees better adhesion to the water surface.



On the bottom of the cube slots there are small notches for the anti-nosing of the nuts. For two main reasons:

  1. Because with the swirling sea they do not get off.
  2. Do anti-theft.


They have a proven system of areas / fins to ensure optimum locking.
These pins can be locked and unlocked with their special key.


Otto’s modular system is extremely flexible. Our customers use our floating elements, today as a work raft, tomorrow as a dock or wharf, and next season as a floating platform / platform or fish farm.

One use does not rule out another. Our customer is never mistaken in choosing either size or use.

Just as simple to fit our product is just as easy to disassemble: instead of piece by piece, maybe in blocks of a certain size that can be dragged to shore stacked for reuse in the following season.

The assembly instructions are included in each delivery and allow it to be stand-alone. Of course we can offer you our supervision during assembly, if necessary.
Before assembling the pieces, you must close the filling caps with a special key.

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The OTTO company has built up long-range pontoons, platforms and walkways, using floating polyethylene cubes.


Some examples of what is possible realize with our elements:

– Protective barriers
– Wave attenuators
– Marinas
– Piers
– Aquaculture
– Fish farmin
– Events on the water
– Floating platforms
– Floating pools
– Floating pools with purified water
– Floating photovoltaic systems
– Bathing facilities
– Floating walkways
– Rafts
– Pontoons
– Playgrounds on the water
– Shipyards
– Fireworks
– Marine inspection works
– Floating roads
– Marine works
– Floating golf playground
– Acceleration lanes
– Water ski trampolines

The Otto system can be helpful in many disasters:

– Floods
– Fire fighting operations
– Maritime police
– Civil protection