Raw material

Otto floating cubs are all made with raw material and not with recycled plastic, which allows us to have the best quality on the market and always guarantee the highest standards of our products.

The material used for their production is POLIETHYLENE – HDPE 56020S of TOTAL perfectly compliant with European (EU) 2016/1416. The best for injection / blow molding.

The HDPE 56020S certified by TOTAL which guarantees a molecular density of 0.952 gr / c m2. The MFI melting point determines the amount of molten material in the time unit with a heated nozzle at 190° and the pre-set weight of Kg. 21,6.

To give an idea of molecular density, you must consider that 10min are needed to inject 2gr of this material. The standard melting point formula is MFI (190°: 21,6 KG = 2gr X 10 minutes).

Density ISO 1183 = 0.952 g / cm2

Certified in Italy by the Ministerial Decree of 21/03/1973 updated on 26/04/1993, D.M. No. 220 and updated on March 28, 2003 with D.M. N° 123

Its characteristics are ideal for the Otto Floating Cube System, which allows our elements to be solid, elastic and impact resistant.

This raw material, used for the construction of our elements, is extremely durable, optimal for all marine stresses, both for salt / sweet water and acids. It is also usable for food use, perfectly resistant to UV rays, which can not deform in a range of temperatures ranging from -60° to + 80° centigrade and above all is also easily recyclable.

More information about this POLYETHYLENE can be downloaded below.

Downloadable material